Bill / Pay / Tag

Customers typically pay in cash or check if they are home at the time of the test.  Otherwise, I send an invoice, along with the test report, to the person requesting the test (samples at right).
Commercial / Industrial
Customers are billed via invoice.  Copies of all tests performed are included with the invoice (samples at right).
Test Reports
All test reports that I complete are submitted to the city or water department on your behalf.  You do not need to do this yourself.
Preventer Tags
All backflow preventers that I test are tagged with a laminated card that contains my contact information as well as the test date (lower right).  Please contact me if you should need any repairs or additional testing.
For the rare occasion that someone wishes to pay by credit card, I do have a PayPal account and can accommodate this.  You do NOT have to be a PayPal user to perform this transaction, so if you wish to pay by card, just let me know.